About me


In 2009-2013, I studied at College of Art & Design (specializing in Jewelry Design), Beijing University of Technology. During the 4-year study, I acquired broad knowledge of arts and learned how to independently design creative and elegant jewels in the realm of jewelry design and how to make perfect products. I learned how to draw a design acquired some crafting skills and proficiently grasped inlaying, wax carving, enamel making and other crafting processes. Otherwise, a large part of my works are created with natural elements, such as animals, plants, cells etc., and I like to use innovative and natural materials, without being limited to metal materials.  Thus,  recently, in my MA study at Sheffield Hallam University, I prefer to go on with exploring and applying natural elements and materials, meanwhile making jewelry though hand made.

One thought on “About me

  1. Can you post some images of past work so we can see how your visual and material language illustrates your areas of interest?


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