A method that can be used in my project

Currently, there are many method to commemorate died animals, such as photos, things that animals wear when they alive, or using skeletons to make decorations. For jewellery designer Tithi Kutchamuch, who is from Thailand, the element that she often use in her works is animals, which is caused by there were many animals accompany her in her life.



For Tithi, she like to bring her pet everywhere with her if she could (her dog died when she went back to her parent’s home), so born the Secret Friend jewellery where jewellery as a part of home that you can bring with, keep them save and take them home.



I think, these jewellery are not only  for people to wear, but also can be a decoration to put on the table that can make people remember their pet.  In order to raising awareness of animal protection, I can trying this method to make people pay attention to what they have done to those endangered animals. For example, I can using the form of rhino horn to make jewellery, meanwhile the jewelley also can be put on a model of the body of rhino (illustrated above).


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