Emily Watson-Carved rings and faux bone

Last week, I made some samples of my project, especially using clay to make the body of animals and make the part of animal wearable, which makes me think that I can use other materials to make parts of animals. Thanks to Jules, she told me a website which is the works of Emily Watson, who made carved pieces and uses faux bone to make jewellery, inspires me a lot.

FB04_chiclet_thumb_over FB05_thumb_over FB03_bunny_thumb_over antlerring_thumb_over FB02_jawbone_thumb_over FB09_gold_thumb_over four_rings_thumb_over                          four_rings_black_thumb_over (1) GlobeGlobe_mandarin_thumb_over GlobeCup1_thumb_over FB01_pearl2_thumb_over FB07_thumb_over Locomotive2_thumb_worn GlobeGlobe_bw_thumb_over                         GlobeGlobe_sun_thumb_over FB06_thumb_over lavenderhotflint_thumb_over Venacava_thumb_over PurpleFruit_thumb_over WoodsieRing_thumb_over SipRing2_thumb_over                         OneBite_thumb_over FB08_BlueDot_thumb_over Cyan_thumb_over Mickey2_thumb_over Snocap_bw_thumb_over Snocap_SunWhite_thumb_over Split_beigegrey_thumb_over   


Thus, I think I can also use these method to make parts of animals, which can make the part of animal artistic and wearable.


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