The Crying Polar Bear candle holder


Last week, in the tutorial of Project 2, thanks to Ray, he showed me a fantastic work on the blog-candle holder which is called ” Crying Polar Bear ” and it is useful for my project (as follows).

Special edition for 2012, the Crying Polar Bear Candle Holder

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These works is also a good method that can raise the awareness of animal protection. As we know that, a lot animals was endangered which is caused by habitat loss, just like polar bear. Because of global warming, the high temperature melt the ice, leading to polar bears’ homeland disappeared. The designer want to make people pay more attention to these animals, and help them through her works.

After saw these works, I think our aims are similar-raising awareness of animal protection, from her works, I think animals in my project also can be painful, like they are crying, or sweating. And also the form of animal’s body can be weak by using skeleton or other materials. That means, when people take the part of body (jewellery) away from animal, people can see the animal will be painful or weak.


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