Kate MacDowell: bloodless bodies

These ceramics works were made by Kate MacDowell, an artist from America, in order to express the relationship between human and nature, she  combined human body, animals and plants. Meanwhile, she used ceramics, a kind of fragile material, to express the frail relationships between human and nature.





This method can be used in my project, and I will make some models, since after I watched the candle holder-Crying polar bear, I think that the body of animal in my project also can be weak or painful, which is caused by human take body parts away from them. Like rhino will be weak without horn, because it doesn’t have “weapon” to protect itself, on the other hand shark can not swimming in the ocean without fin. Therefore, animal will be endangered or died without these body parts. In my project, the body part like horn and fin will be wearable, also the animal will be weak or painful, and I want to show to people is when they wear the jewellery, just like take the body part away from animal, animal will endangered or died.


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