Using cotton buds to make feather

   IMG_1323     IMG_1319


4 thoughts on “Using cotton buds to make feather

  1. This idea is really interesting, I particularly like the idea of combining the natural (bones) with the manmade. What other materials could you test – does the choice of material communicate something different? Have you tried to attach together? Can you very carefully drill into the bone?


    • Yes i m trying to do these, using other material to make people notice what they have done to animals, like rubbish and so on. I will show u in the next time


  2. I would like to see further images of how this work is progressing. Are the cotton buds intended to be the final material that you use or are they a substitute for something more permanent? You need to discuss significance of material choice. By combining very different materials together what do you hope to communicate? Will these things be wearable? Or is jewellery a metaphor for something else?


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